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Star Story: Child Shows Dramatic Improvements

Suzanne Femino, APRN, of the Institute of Living tells her story of how STAR Mentoring produced outstanding improvements in the life of one of her former patients.

"In fact, my client has done so well, that he no longer needs medication nor treatment at the Institute of Living... with perseverance Ms. Fay impacted every aspect of his life... he is returning to public school... he is mentoring children himself..he has maintained a job with a coach. Most importantly, he feels good about himself. He has restored a sense of direction and purpose."

Star Story: School Social Worker Sees Results

Michele Wiggins-Gary, MSW, LCSW, a school-based social worker at Milner Elementary School in Hartford credits STAR for the student's improvement in self-image, self-worth, and school success

"STAR Mentoring Services greatly helped one of her nine-year old students. The student had outstanding academic and leadership potential but was often hindered by his unchecked emotions and behavior. I can say without hesitation that he would suffer a great loss at this point in time if his affiliation with STAR Mentoring Services were to be terminated".

"There have been many people who have come to our program over the years and I can certainly say (STAR Mentoring) is one of the best."

Sheila Blair
Hartford Transitional Learning Academy

"We recommend the STAR Mentoring Program. The staff has been extremely helpful in providing mentoring and support to the students. STAR's staff has also been helpful in collaborating with the school and assisting parents in becoming more involved in the education of their children."

Marty Dabrowski, School Social Worker
Dennis Wehrly, Teacher
Hartford Public High School

"The collaboration between certified teachers and STAR's trained mentors honors the commitment that every student is important and capable of achieving success."

Mary E. Mahoney
Special Education Teacher
Sage Park Middle School, Windsor



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All STAR children enter the program as referrals from the Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF), Connecticut Department of Corrections or any other Social Service Agency.

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